FREE Edition

YES, absolutely free!! No phone support, and limited features but FREE. Basic estimating at the finest. Easy to use, just double click and go. The free edition allows you all the uses but limits the features until purchased (does not include Electrical database). See Free Edition for more information.

Standard Edition

(Includes electrical database)

This is the easiest program with the most advanced features for the price. If you add the craftsman database to the software you have a realiable, quick estimating program. Reports that allow you to print by rooms, or phases.

Professional Version

(Includes electrical database)

In this version you will find the more advanced features, you will have increased assemblies, estimators, and others. You can see the comparison, if the additions aren't enough for you, you can settle for the lower version and wait for more features to be added. If you have a subscription to the Standard Edition, and decide later the Professional version is worth the investment you will receive it at the rate that it was when you purchased your Standard Subscription.

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