2013 Second Quarter Updates

Fixed some windows tab controls, so they now go in order (if you notice any others please send Window info to support@iwinbids.com)

Fixed some windows so when "Escape" key is press the window should close (if you notice any others please send Window info to support@iwinbids.com)

Fixed with adding new employees, and terminating them from the database have been resolved

Fixed issue with Activation, so after the 45 day trial period is over, connection to internet is needed but will now allow user to continue using pass the 45 days.

Fixed issue with opening old projects with outdated material.

Fixed issue with reports generating a Blank room, and then a room called "None", all non-roomed items will go into this "Room None" location.

Fixed issue with first Assembly not wanting to be deleted, you should no longer see it if you had this issue.

Fixed issue with Assembly showing in Assembly box when it has been deleted.

Added button to change default tax rates from Misc Screen.

Added report "All", this report will show all items grouped if more than one item is input for seperate rooms or phases

Added report "Quote Full", this report will show all items grouped if more than one item is input for seperate rooms or phases

Added Wire, Conduit, Panel Schedule to Administrative Window which will be accessible to Professional users until the Enterprise Edition is released.

Added free version option - should be available by the end of the year (features are very limited but will open prior projects)

Added "View My Projects" under Administrative - Also

Added Delete to "Estimator Details" so you could remove individual files from tracking. (Caution- Cannot Undo)

Added Projects below estimator when one is selected

2011 First Quarter Updates

Updated Vendor selection, now updates project when vendor choosing for project has no price on certain items.

Activated Estimator Log in - Default Username and Password are "Admin" and "password" Case-Sensitive, Ability to toggle this on is located in Defaults for the Company.

Adding estimators with the same name is no longer available, must be different names (recommended "First initial, Middle initial, Last name).

Estimator editing is available, no longer creates a completely new estimator.

Main Database file now located in new default directory (MAC OS X), database is no longer required to be in the same directory as the program. New project files are still located with the application this will be customizable, as will a remote database in a future release.

Added drop down box for choosing vendor for project within Vendor Editing,

Added File locations, under Administrative so that You may customize where your vendor files are located (Some save locations not working yet)

Added Individual Synchronizing of Vendor pricing (This makes for a much faster Synchronization)

Added drop down boxes for customizing vendor linking rows, must use unique values throughout all vendors (If custom is not defined, then default is used - NOT RECOMMENDED)

Under reports, the Mouse Scroll can be used to scroll vertically and horizontally.

2010 Fourth Quarter Updates

Added Ohms law Watts Law Calculator.

Correct Estimator log in, and creation.

Increased program ability to track jobs by estimator, costs show up in Estimator Table.

Project status records now records (won,lost, pending, etc).

Room modifiers now affect labor in pricing.

Disabled Vendor Naming within extended properties of material, it is now only named through Administrative-Vendors.

Added Choose Vendor option which allows low vendor to be chosen for project pricing.

Vendors are able to be chosen from project screen.

When searching for an item, progress wheel will show up showing that something is being searched for until it is finished.

When opening master list material, mouse movement is no longer needed to update price.

Importing items will no longer cause program to halt until finished, you can continue working while importing.

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